Lubeit Oil Change

At LUBE IT, we want to make servicing as simple and hassle-free as possible. Below are some frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t listed below, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team at 416-624-4736 or email us at [email protected]

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Q: I have a new car; do I need to take it to a dealership for maintenance to keep my warranty valid?

A: No! Forget all about that old myth, as long as you follow the specifications given by the manufacturer (which can be found in your handy owner’s manual), your warranty is valid. At LUBE IT, we always follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. We’ll make sure your warranty remains valid and your car remains happy – for many miles to come!

Q: My car is a leased vehicle. Am I responsible for maintenance?

A: Even if you lease a vehicle, you are responsible for all maintenance and repairs required to keep the vehicle in good working order as outlined in the owner’s manual.

Q: What do I have to do to keep my car or truck’s warranty in effect?

A: Make sure your vehicle is serviced at the intervals specified in your owner’s manual or warranty booklet and keep clear records of your vehicle’s maintenance. Be sure to include the date, parts installed, vehicle identification number and mileage recorded on the invoice. Keep your receipts in a safe place. If you have a service log in your owner’s manual or warranty booklet, we highly recommend that you use it.

Q: Should I be using synthetic or conventional oil?

A: Synthetic oil helps promote longer life and better performance in most vehicles. It bonds to engine parts providing a layer of protection that surpasses the protection afforded by conventional oil. Synthetic oil will also continue to pump through your engine when conventional oil would start to thicken in cold temperatures or break down from the heat. Synthetic oil is recommended particularly for vehicles that are driven in cold climates – it will help you start your engine even when the temperature drops to -40°C. It is also good for high-stress situations, such as pulling and towing. Remember, you can't switch back to conventional oil after using synthetic oil.  

Q: How can I prevent my car from rusting?

A: One of the major causes of vehicle rust is the salt that is used on winter roads, to minimize rusting, have your vehicle undercoated at LUBE IT or be sure to wash your vehicle whenever the temperature is warm enough, or at the very least when the spring thaw starts. Washing should include an undercarriage rinse (available at most car washes) to remove salt from hard-to-reach areas that are likely to rust, such as inside the wheel wells.

Q: Why does my owner's manual suggest getting a regular automatic transmission fluid change?

A: It takes a complex set of pumps, valves, pistons, and clutches to make your car shift gears, so automatic transmission fluid is important to make sure everything runs smoothly. Not only is keeping your fluid in check good practice, but manufacturers also know you'd rather replace fluid than the transmission. A LUBE IT Automatic Transmission Service replaces 100% of the old fluid with clean new fluid to improve performance, prevent repair bills, and extend the life of your transmission. Check your owner's manual for the required service interval for your vehicle.